March 19, 2014


Sometimes there are sorrows in life.  Sorrows that we were not expecting.  Sorrows that fill us, cause us to cry and cause us to scream why.  Recently there seems to be so much sorrow in my life.  Sorrow that fills me, makes me hurt, makes me weak, and just when I don't think I can take any more another sorrow is added to the list.
With the arrival of day light savings time the kids and I are plunged back into our morning darkness.  But as we once again eat breakfast with a candle flickering to bring cheer we often talk about how the sun will be coming up soon.  And as that sun rises so do the colors of the sky. 
I love the morning sky.  The hope of the day, hope for a day that will bring healing instead of more pain.  I feel so heavy these day with a soul that has seemed to be shattering a little more each day.  I know all the advice given to those in sadness, I have given them myself.  I guess when there is a time to mourn there is just a time to mourn.  The colors will come and the hope will be renewed, someday.  Today I hope the colors will return because even when the heart is full of sadness there is the need for hope that someday the sadness will lift, even if it isn't today.  


heath said...

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)

Hold close to HIM!

Beth said...

Oh, Kathleen, I don't know what things you are specifically sad about - but I am so sorry you are going through this time! I always think of you and admire your positive attitude in spite of long winters, hours of extra darkness, and the doldrums of day-in, day-out mothering. You always inspire me with your positive, grateful outlook on life. I am praying for you right now, to feel a break in the heaviness, and a renewing of your spirit. I wish that I could stop in and bring some cookies and have a little cup of tea with you or something. :) Hugs to you!

Beth said...

..and I just realized that I commented while logged in to my other gmail account. Sorry about that! :) Beth

Anonymous said...

those colors are so beautiful!

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