March 12, 2014

cleaning the lower half

I was playing with the kids the other day when I discovered Kathleen sitting on the floor in the kitchen with a rag and a disinfectant spray bottle. Instead of standing up to move she scooted around cleaning the lower half of the kitchen.  When I asked her what she was doing Kathleen commented that it was "just too hard to stand up."  All of this cleaning started with finding an extra bottle of dishwasher soap under the sink and deciding to see what else was under there.  So, as Kathleen does, she had to organize that cabinet.  And the rest of them.
She worked her way from under the sink around the dishwasher, cabinets, oven then fridge.  The entire time she cleaned she commented, "wow it is dirty down here why did I not realize this."  She even got the kids in on the action by cleaning the bottom and legs of their little table and chair.  With the extra sunlight and the arrival of her third trimester some serious cleaning/nesting has started going on.  We are never sure what she will get into next.  But as I helped her back to her feet after her cleaning scoot she handed me the rag and bottle of cleaner declaring that I could do the upper half.  


Anonymous said...

So? Don't leave us hanging... did you clean the upper 1/2 for that poor pregnant woman?!

heath said...

heheheh :) Oh Kathleen---3rd trimester and still crawling around and cleaning everything. I honestly do NOT know where WHERE you get your energy (or motivation) from ;)

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