March 21, 2014

Another one of life's little treats.

We at the Klynstra house have a unique dessert of preference.  The nice thing about this dessert is that it is vastly abundant and easily served. It does not make a mess nor does it cost much, or anything.  
Both Abigail and Ethan stand at the door daily and ask, each in their own way, to go outside to eat some snow.  And, whenever we are outside playing in the yard, they both spend several minutes walking around looking for chunks of snow to munch on.  Kathleen has taken to eating it by the bowl full.  Though she did comment that her craving is better than most pregnancy cravings in that I do not have to drive into the store to pick up snow. I just walk outside and get as much as Kathleen wants.  
At least for the time being we have snow available for consuming.  And as far as deserts go, this is a healthy alternative to pretty much everything.


heath said...

this cracks me up...thanks goodness you are in AK and not NC ...

mother said...

Funny!! Do you add sugar or flavoring?????

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