March 27, 2014

A Little Help To Keep Going Strong

When Abigail was little she was a big baby.  Then she started to walk, eat solids and her growth slowed - a lot.  Nothing to worry about but enough to let us know she was going to be a little kid.  Well just shy of her being one year old I didn't know this yet.  I remember the day, it was early, early in the morning on black friday and I was at a local sporting goods store.  They had great sales.  So even though it was November I bought Abigail a fleece coat for the summer.
   Come those summer months it was a little big but fit well enough that she wore it all through those iffy weather months of ours the year she was one.
 Then she turned 2, the spring/summer/fall months came and low and behold her fleece coat still fit great.

Well, the other day we had a warmish day.  Too warm for full winter gear but definitely a need for a coat.  I pulled out the pink fleece just to see if it still fit.  Surprise, surprise - it fit great for year three.  Only problem was that the zipper had worn out.  
 So that day in town, with her half zipped coat, she and I stopped by the fabric store and picked up a new zipper.   A little time with the seam ripper and my machine and a new zipper was in place.  What lucky parents we are to get three years out of one fleece coat.  With a little zipper help this one is set for the year.  Lets just hope she out grows it before the new baby needs it next.


heath said...

cute pics of A as she grows...good job momma making that jacket last :)

Anonymous said...

That is a cute little tale and a very thrifty mom to fix the zipper!!!

mother said...

Good job with the zipper!! That's a sewing challenge, for sure!! Cute pics of Miss A across the years.

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