March 31, 2014

A Bathrobe For Ethan

The other day when I presented Abigail with her fixed coat she responded with, "Oh, thanks so much mama.  Now - Ethan needs a bathrobe, dada needs an apron, I need a dr. coat and could you sew me a dress too?"  I laughed and said, "Sure, Abigail.  Over time I will get all of that done."
So with her list before me I set to work.  A few years ago my mother-in-law brought me several bags of fleece fabric.  In it was this great duck fabric.  At the time I had no idea what I would use it for but as things go, I found the perfect project.  
I decided to sew the bathrobe a little big since who doesn't love a large bathrobe right?  Plus, it gives us more time for Ethan to enjoy it.  And enjoy it he does.  This picture is him with his robe before it was finished.  He begged to try it on and so I did a quick fit test and well, he just didn't want to take it off.  
But finally I did get it back from him and finish it I did.  It came out great.  He loves it, Abigail loves that Ethan now has a robe like she does and our only issue with it is getting the robe off of him to put on his pj's after his bath.  And why did I take a picture of his new robe outside?  Well, when you have lived through yet another dark winter anything in the sunlight looks better!


mother said...

Super job on that bathrobe!! It looks perfect!! So cuddly and warm.

Anonymous said...

What a great job! Fabric is so cute Grammie K!

... why does Ethan wear the tutu everyday--- get that kid a tool belt of something!


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