February 5, 2014

Winter Colors

When I was pregnant with Abigail I bought a pregnancy journal.  It is a fun one that lists what the baby is doing, what I am doing, traditions regarding birth in other cultures, and ways to stay healthy during pregnancy.  I have kept this journals and am working through it a third time right now.  With Abigail I used blue ink, Ethan black and this new baby red.  It is fun to do it this way because not only do I get to see what my current baby is doing but I can then compare it to how each pregnancy has been similar or different.  

One thing that stands out to me is each time is that when the book talks about the right foods to eat it talks about colors.  With richer colors come richer vitamins that the foods contain.  
I know that potatoes aren't always consider the riches foods for vitamins but as I was cutting my garden Delta blues the other days I couldn't help but smile.  When the winter is long color in our foods certainly does taste better.  Who doesn't love to sit down to eat dinner and have a splash of homegrown garden purple on their plate, especially if it isn't just egg plant!
Each color seen during these winter months are ones we all enjoy.


heath said...

; ) love that you still use your book..so good at keeping track of everything..wish i would be that great

Anonymous said...

I hate eggplant too! Cool that you grew those potatoes this year... delta blues!

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