February 7, 2014

Up With Me

This Friday wraps up a good and busy week.  Amazing how the days are each a little adventure in itself full of routine and surprises.  We have worked on projects, visited friends, played outside, completed our taxes, watched in wonder as our world got a new dump of snow and I have cheered at small successes and laid at night wonder about all the mistakes I made.  But as I thought about what to post today I can't help but get this picture out of my mind.
 The site of my girl standing on a stool at the raised bar is something I get to see a lot of each day.  This is "her" place.  She colors, plays with special toys, and puts stickers in her sticker book.  She loves this place because it gets her up high enough that Ethan can't get into her fun.  In addition to her independence from her brother, it also allows her to keep an eye on all that I am doing in the kitchen.  I love so much seeing her here (old easter hat not always present).  We talk, discuss, share ideas, I hand her snacks and she has me draw extra pictures in her coloring books.  Meanwhile Ethan plays with me in the kitchen.  He is happy having toys to himself and being active while Abigail is happy doing her thing too.  Ahh peace, those sweet moments of each day are blog worthy to me for sure.

1 comment:

heath said...

SO.VERY.WONDERFUL!!! love how independent your two can play ;) so sweet and I can just imagine the scene from your description :) makes me smile

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