February 27, 2014

Trying Again

After our finger paint mess up you would think that I would stay away from homemade arts and cracks supplies for awhile, but I didn't. 
A few days after I threw out our paints I decided to try my hand in homemade play-dough.  Much more fool proof right?
The kids love being part of everything.  From mixing the ingredients to adding colors, if they are awake they are right there will me.
And between the color ice balls outside, the paints, making colored mints to eat and now play dough, my kids are getting to know that adding food coloring to anything ends up being fun.
Abigail really loves all different kids of arts and cracks but let me tell you, clay is right up Ethan's alley. Still on the young side to really love coloring, needs help with stickers and a short attention span for paint all led us to clay for him.  The hands on, easy to mold, love to destroy and the chance to hold a rolling pin and knife make this a fun time indeed.
And just as Ethan is learning the basics, Abigail is learning from her artsy daddy the joy of making more and more things.  We found this homemade clay is very soft and easier for the kids to play with beyond snakes and snowmen.  We cracked out the cookie cutters and the fun was great.
Yes, we did have a failure when it came to our homemade paints but not all new things end bad.  This view proves that all things should at least be tried, you never know when you might just find the new prefect thing.


lindajo said...

So glad this was a success. I made it for Josh and Matt when they were little too. Love the bright colors too.And I think those cookie cutters might be the best garage sale find ever!

heath said...

so very fun!! congrats on an arts and cracks SUCCESS!!! and a huge success!!!

I'm sure daddy loves this activity and it's one where you can give to your kids, and sit down for a few minutes and rest!!!

I'm sure these days you need to take advantage of ANY rest!!!


heather said...

AND, A's dress is adorable!

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