February 13, 2014

Those Pretend Sick Days

We have been very blessed this winter with many healthy/happy days.  We have had days of feeling tired but no real cold/flu bugs have hit us yet.  There was a day in mid-January when Abigail threw up. We don't really know what it was all about or where it came from but it came, was hard, and left all in just a few short days.  During that time when Abigail didn't feel her best, life was a little different for her.  She got to eat crackers whenever she wanted, she could drink ginger ale, and I would wrap her up with a blanket on the couch and give her a huge pile of books to look through to keep her still and rested.  
And where I feel very thankful that we have had healthy days and so few of those sick days, they can sometimes be viewed as a treat.  So recently the kids have had "pretend sick days."  I shouldn't really say days as much as pretend sick 1/2 hours or so.  Times when those treats sound nice because really who doesn't want to be cared for like that, especially if you are feeling perfectly fine.  So Abigail will announce, "Oh, I don't feel so good.  I think I need to lay on the couch.  Mama, come care for me."  So I laugh, bring a blanket, gather the books and Abigail will settle in for a short time of "being sick."  Soon Ethan joins her and they spend some time looking at books, tugging the blanket and resting.  Then really not long after it has started I hear, "we feel all better mama."  To that I exclaim, oh good, get up and play now.  And the day goes on.  You know, if these little bodies of mine stay healthy I will play pretend sick day anytime.  Much easier than the real thing for sure.  


heath said...

hehe...so very cute!! do they get crackers and ginger ale during fake sick days? smarties???

Anonymous said...

i wish i could have a sick day.

Anonymous said...

so cute!!!

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