February 6, 2014

The Clean Sort of Mess

The other day was a new arts and cracks kind of day.  I was feeling more ambitious than usual so I planned on doing something a little messier.
 As I put on Abigail's smock I realized that Ethan still doesn't have one, next project for me, so he got to wear one of my old t-shirts clipped in the back as a temporary smock.
 A long time ago I read about how kindergarden teachers put shaving cream all over their tables and let the kids practice letters and such by drawing in the cream.
 I thought this would be a great experience for my kids too.  Something fun to paint in that isn't necessarily paint.  
 But during the experience I realized just why I don't hear about this on toddler activity sites.  It is much more a kindergartner activity, or do kindergartners willingly eat globs of shaving cream?
Meanwhile I was encouraged that Abigail didn't actually eat any but getting her hands super covered was interesting for her.  We did practice shapes, some numbers and a few letters but pictures were just the main play for the day.
Sometimes with the set up, play (that really rarely lasts as long as the work does) and then faced with the clean up I wonder if arts and cracks beyond our daily stickers and crayons are worth it.
But then I look at the kids, see how happy they are, hear them talk about it and realize that yes it is.  Maybe not worth doing daily, but something fun to keep us going.  Kind of like the lingering smell of shaving cream in the house.


Anonymous said...

That last picture of Ethan makes it worth it! Just so sweet and adorable at the same time!

heath said...

love the pics ;) We've done this one and struggled big time through it b/c of the SAME THING..putting it in our mouths :( Since then, I haven't mustered up the guts to do it again...but this motivates me a little...a little :) One thing I will say that is fun is to add color to the shaving cream...we used a little kids paint in with the shaving cream and they liked that...maybe we should be using cool whip?? that's hot commodity in your home. Josh may not approve of such carelss use?

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