February 18, 2014

Something New In The Kitchen

The other day I decided to try making something new in the kitchen.  It was sticky, gooey, and tasted oh so good.  It was a type of sour cream cookies made to taste like the ones I loved when I was a child but with a lot more work of shaping and molding.  
Needless to say the kids had a great time, they managed to get the sticky batter everywhere.  Josh decided he wasn't that big of a fan (must not of had sour cream cookies as a child).  And I realized that I loved the cookies too much and they really didn't stick around the house all that long.  As I look back on my new recipe I have realized that nope, it isn't for us at all right now.  Too gooey and much to much temptation.  But fun to do something new.  Chocolate chip cookies can certainly get boring to make at times!

1 comment:

heath said...

cute pic...A is REALLY enjoying it!! I've never had sour creme cookies either? or have i? if you put icing on sprinkles on anything, I'd love it ;)

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