February 17, 2014

Next Thing Done

 There has been a lot of little things on our house to do list for awhile but one real big item.  Or maybe instead of big I should say, one really noticeable item that has needed completed.
 Our basement stairs.  The basement has been finished now for a year and a half and the upstairs has had flooring for almost four years.  The space in between, well it has just been a someday.  
So the other night we took a family adventure to the carpet store.  (just a side note, I have great memories of going to visit my parent's friend who worked the carpet area of Sears, I think, when I was a kid.  My parents used to talk FOREVER when we would be there but I remember playing amongst all of the huge hanging rugs with my brother and sister.  So when we went the other night to the store and the kids got restless after 2 seconds we took the kids down to the remnant/hanging rug part of the store and they then played for a hour.  Any place can be a playground, right).

We came home with our piece of carpet and the next morning Josh got to work.  This is really one of the first big projects Ethan has observed his dad complete and let me tell you, he was so excited to be part of the action.  
 We all know Josh is so very good at so very many things but the one thing he has never done in this house is lay carpet, let alone done stairs.
 And can I tell you that he did an amazing job!  His "helper" was such a help that I actually took the kids out of the house for a few hours and we came home to this.  What a difference.
Being the woodworker that he is there had to be some woodwork involved of course.  The picture I showed you on Wednesday was all of the pieces of poplar that he bought, cut, sanded and treated to fit each stair.  I can say that I have a smile on my face EVERY TIME I go up and down those stairs each day (which is about 50+ times).  Yes there are small things here and there that need done but this thing, this noticeable to anyone who comes in the door item, is done and oh it feels so good.


mother said...

The carpeted stairs look AWESOME!!
And, who was that friend we visited with at Sears? I can't begin to think...

Kathleen Klynstra said...

It was the guy who talked like donald duck to us. But since I was little I have no idea of what his real name was.

Anonymous said...


heath said...

it looks wonderful!!! the wood touch is something i've never seen before but like it. is it purely for looks or function? or both?

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