February 20, 2014

Growth And Math Questions

The kids had their weight and height taken yesterday.  They are right on track with being just about the same weight wise.  With their clothes on, minus shoes, Abigail was 28 lbs 3 oz and Ethan was 28 lbs 5 oz.  
 Height, now that is a different story but when it comes to them tackling each other during the day I really don't need to worry about who might do more damage.  The one joy of being in the same weight class right?
 And just as these two grow so does our new little lady.  She also had an appointment this week and her heart beat and size seem right on track.  Abigail and Ethan went to the appointment with me.  My dr's office was so gracious, even happy, to see me haul my crew in that I felt so thankful.  How wonderful to have an office take such good care of me and my three babes over the past four years.  Abigail loved hearing her sister's heart beat.  Yesterday after a bit of hight activity she comes running to me and says with her hand over her heart, "mama, feel.  The baby in my belly is kicking just like yours."  There is nothing we can say to her to convince her that only one baby will be born in a few months.  
And as the months tick by we are starting to get into the beginning stages of new infant readiness.  The first step is car seats.  With the desire not to buy a new car we instead need to figure out the exact dimensions of all possible car seats and how we can fit three into the back of our jeep compass.  Last night Josh took measurements and we are looking at different brands that might leave us one inch of extra space.  Humm, is that cutting it too close??     

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heath said...

My how they GROW!!!! Ethan is such a package of energy and strength....what a great brother he is. I would LOVE to see a wrestling video!! Does A squeal? or hold her own?
i love that little A has a baby in HER belly too!!!! haha!!! so much fun...she's really a big part of this pregnancy so far and it's so cute to hear about it!!! She loo

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