February 21, 2014

Fulfilling Winter Time Dreams

The other day Josh unpacked a few of his plain, simple lego blocks to play with Abigail.  She had a good time but we found her fingers are just a little too small to start playing with Daddy's lego lot right now.  She and Ethan still enjoy playing with their bigger toddler blocks and the doll house people get new things to live in all the time.  But that little time with Abigail gave Josh a small sweet taste of his love and since then it is often on his mind.
This husband of mine loves to create, build and design with legos.  So every few nights, after the kids are in bed, he will slip downstairs and I will hear the rustling of legos being moved this way and that for hours.  Those hours down there make him so very happy.  He dreams of the day when the kids are older that we can build a lego table that will take up the entire basement.  He has the design in mind with pop up holes throughout so that the lego fun can be played all over.  Right now these little pieces are still too precious to share with "stop putting that in your mouth" children.  But this small bit of time out of storage works for now.  And with a new book from the library to enjoy in a quiet house I am content as well.  Oh winter days.


mother said...

This made me smile for so many reasons.

heath said...

ha!!! I was going to write exactly this: "this makes me smile" and then I see your mom wrote it :) oh well...it does!

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