February 14, 2014

From The Land Of Pink Sugary Fun

We have a little activity group we go to each Thursday afternoon.  When we arrived yesterday I was the only mom who didn't bring a bag full of valentines for all of the other kids.  Is it bad of me that I didn't feel bad?  I love different holidays.  With little kids they are so fun to bring out the simple qualities the smaller, special days bring.  But this week of Valentine's Day has tired me out a bit.  
We have heart cookies with pink frosting, we made pink mints, we wore clothing that had hearts on it and we talk about how to share love (like bringing neighbors plates of heart cookies and mints).  I am thankful that today is the day, a day to celebrate love and really the peace that this family can have in that love.  What a blessing to be in such secure love with those around us.  But when tomorrow comes I don't mind turning my mind to thoughts of green and March and St. Patricks day.  I think for this year while the kids are young we might skip over President's day.  To this tired mama it is too hard to make mints red white and blue all at once.


mother said...

Sweet way to teach how to reach out and love others. You are the queen of your kingdom and you can celebrate whichever days you want or don't want and in the ways you choose. Never feel bad if your little world is different from the world across the road. You are a super little family!!!

heather said...

I love your emphasis on HOW WE LOVE OTHERS...how do so many just miss this point? it seems all about the candy doesn't it?
Good for you!

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