February 27, 2014


Our little Ethan is far from a baby these days.  He is growing, reaching, talking, and stretching into the little boy he is to become.  I could write and write about some of the things he does these days but instead thought I would fill this post with videos of a few things he is up to.
I hauled the outdoor play gear inside a few weeks ago.  When it got put away in the fall Ethan was just walking.  You can imagine his joy at the discovery of things that are OK to climb and slide on during these winter months.
Ethan has also started to have his own kind of dance moves recently as well.  He also has a funny walk where he pulls up his shoulders and puts his hand out behind himself palms up.  Oh how he makes us laugh.
And he is also content in just playing, exploring and giving us his winning smiles all day long.  What a fun adventure this little man is going to take us on.

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