February 11, 2014

Dinner In The Yard

Like most years we have a pile of wood scraps and brush from the yard that have waited for a good winter day.  Summers in Fairbanks are so dry that there are almost always threat of fires and we can't have bonfires.  But in the winter the cold weather and all the snow makes things a little safer.
 So the other day Josh shoveled all of the snow off of our current pile
 And piled in the birch bark for starter.
 It was time to introduce the kids to bonfires.
 Even with the cold, the fire kept us warm for several hours of enjoyment.
 As the original fun started to die off we brought out the hot dogs and marshmallows to roast.
 The kids weren't too sure of my very dark hot dogs but did eat them.  I knew they were in for some teaching when I presented Abigail with a beautiful golden marshmallow and she opted for an uncooked one right out of the bag.
 A few hours of fresh air, warm fire and climbing around on the snow meant for some worn our kids.
Maybe someday our kids will visit a place where summer nights are dark and warm and people sit around a camp fire.  But while we live in this land of the midnight sun where we don't have fires in the summer this is a good start of the fun.  


heath said...

oh my do i love this post ;)
First of all...their hats that you made are still so cute and warm looking. The kids (big and small) look so happy in all their gear..playing around (mine don't love when I get them all 'geared up'--yet again, another difference of where we live). I wish there were pics of you!
I love the cautious look on A's face when she's holding out her mitten..."Mommma--don't burn my hotdog!" hehe. So funny. Also, it cracks me up that she preferred an uncooked marshmallow to a perfectly cooked one. We'll have to teach that one!! or, at the least, teach her to make us all the perfect ones while she eats the ones from the bag. How did E like them?
Oh, lastly, I love the photo of the raging fire with your beautiful home in the background...what a blessing ;) Makes me smile. I miss the fires, hotdogs, log benches, talking/music, hotdogs, marshmallows, and YOUR potato salad!.....great memories

mother said...

The hats are great!!! Look warm and so cute. Great job! I could hear the roar and crackle of that giant fire. Wonder what the little ones thought???

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