February 24, 2014

Baby Belle

Abigail is loving watching me and learning during this pregnancy.  I mentioned last week that Abigail says she has a baby in her belly just like mama.  She has decided that her baby is named Belle.  She has declared that this is a "pretty" name while the name Mama and Daddy are picking for Mama's baby isn't that pretty.  Humm.  Each night when we pray before bed we have to pray for baby Belle.
This picture is what really got me laughing though.  Abigail has decided that most of her pants are not comfortable.  Nope she has to wear this pair of pants almost daily because she can pull them up really high over her belly just like mama wears her pants.  


mother said...

That's how this Grandma also wears HER pants, right? So, what's the big deal??? hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS!!!!! LOVE THIS POST! (IT is second the watching the movie in the mirror on the flour bins)

heath said...

I'm laughing out loud...Baby Belle I'm sure will perfect...

I think it's so funny that she decided your baby's name is NOT PRETTY (did she SAY that)? ha!!!

Your girl just looks at you with wonder all the time...so very sweet momma!