February 19, 2014

An Arts And Cracks Failure

The other day I decided it would be super fun to make homemade finger paints.  The internet is filled with ideas, recipes and inspiration.  Who needs to buy paint when you just need four "commonly found kitchen" ingredients.
 So with that the kids and I set out to create our very own finger paints.  The kids had so much fun mixing the ingredients together and helping me separate out "paint" out into our special paint cups (much thanks to Grammie Klynstra for those great containers).
The kids and I had fun mixing our four food colors into ten different colors.  Oh the painting we were going to make.  Then I watched as everything separated out.   Our paint was a 1/2 watery 1/2 gooey mess.  Humm.  The kids watched as I hymned and hawed over what to do.  I searched the too-much-for-my-own-good resources of the internet and decided that yes, my best option was to dump it all out.  Discouraging yes.  Will I try it again, I don't know.  Just goes to show that making something new has to be part of an arts and cracks project because in the end that might be all you get. 

1 comment:

heath said...

I think that you're forgetting to acknowledge the fact that to your kids...this was STILL a project! they made something fun and colorful with their momma!!! right?
those are cute containers!
A's hat is adorable...sunny this day? or just pre Easter flair?

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