February 10, 2014

A Week Of Love

My niece has her 9th birthday this Friday on Valentine's Day.  Because of this special day I got Abigail on the Valentine's train weeks ago to help me make a present for her cousin.  That started weeks of fun.
 Abigail is very excited about the upcoming Valentine's Day.  No, she has no idea about the romantic/love portion of the holiday.  Nope, Abigail is completely excited about hearts, the color pink, flowers and...
 The days and days of arts and cracks that have been happening as we make valentines for those we love.
Pompoms, hearts, stickers, colors, a little brother who only wants to eat the crayons, and talk of those we are sending them too.  It has been fun and I do have to admit I am kind of happy they are all in the mail and we can now just work on making pink cookies and treats.  I love arts and cracks, in small doses, ha ha.  All that being said if you are not someone who gets a valentine please forgive me.  We love you too.  I could only work through so many at once.  Hope you all have a week full of love and lots of pink frosting. 


heath said...

so very sweet. I can't wait to hear what you made GiGi??! Also, A's hair in many pics looks chin length. I think it's the way it just lays...it's adorable (even though I know it's not that short). Little E looks so content just sitting in his chair and creating ;)
I'm also requesting more belly/preggo pics of momma!

Anonymous said...

I got mine today and it was sooooo adorable! Thank you!

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