February 26, 2014

A Man Willing To Crawl

I knew when I met Josh 10 1/2 years ago that I had found someone great.  But as we get close to our 8th anniversary in May I have been thinking a lot about the past years.  Oh, there have been hard time for sure but there are also memories of great times.  The growth that we have from where we have been is priceless.
 And as I watch Josh each day as an employee, a husband and a dad I am so very thankful, more and more.
 I am so blessed that I not only found a man who takes amazing care of me but also of our children.  When he is home he is there for them, leading them, teach them, guiding them, pushing them, protecting them and showing them that life can be fun.
Who knows what the future will hold but I do know that with Josh by my side we can meet any challenge that comes our way.

1 comment:

heath said...

THANK YOU LORD!!!!! You two are a blessing to so many!!! love you guys and so happy to call you family!

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