February 25, 2014

A Field Trip

The kids and I have been blessed so much this year by a little group we are part of called Mooseketeers.  This weekly group meets at a lovely lady's home where for two hours we do crafts, read books, have snack and play.  The host and leader are both grandma's and lovingly take us all in (5 moms and 9 kids) each week.  I am blown away by their generosity, hospitality and their care to all of the details, they provide the supplies, plan for the week and snacks.  It is a wonderful time of the week where I don't have to be coming up with the plan and ways to keeps my two entertained.   
 This past week our little crew went on a field trip, to the Fire Station.  Abigail was excited for days leading up to this trip.  When we were there my two little people were big eyed and as quiet as mice.  They were so in awe of it all.  I do believe the best part was when the fire lady dressed up in her full gear (mask/tank and all) to show the kids that she wasn't scary.  They worked with the kids teaching them that if they ever saw a fireman dressed like this they should run to them for rescue, not away from them in fright.  
 My little Ethan stood like this, hands in the pouch of his overalls, for about a 1/2 hour as we wandered around the fire station floor looking at all the trucks.  He loved when they turned all of the lights on the trucks.
The kids were even allowed to climb in the back seat of the big ladder truck to see how the firemen keep their air tanks all strapped in and ready.
 From fire hoses, fire poles (the kids loved watching the firemen slide down the pole), axes, and helmets the kids took it all in.  Since we have been home Abigail has worn her souvenir fire hat daily and has rescued me numerous times.  My favorite part is when she has me lay on the couch, since it is the "bed" in the ambulance, for a ride to the hospital.  I can handle that kind of rescue.  
I do have to laugh though that Ethan got the most excited on our tour not by all the trucks.  Nope, he loved when he spotted this pile of "balls."  

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heath said...

I love your group!!you are so very lucky! Those grandmas are amazing!

I love this activity!! so very fun!!!!
the pictures are awesome of the kids..just standing in awe!! so very exciting!!!

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