January 14, 2014

What the Warm Weather Brought

Last week things were warmer here.  We had fun outside, ran errands into town without the car being plugged in and even used the grill to cook up some of our favorite meals.  But as the time goes so does the weather and the hard cold of winter has returned, for now.  As we were holed up inside yesterday I took a glance outside and loved seeing the remains of those warmer days.
 The snow.  Winter in Fairbanks is cold and with that cold comes the dry and no snow falls.  But, when the weather does warm the skies open and we receive a new blanket of powder.
 Entertainment.  With days of outdoor play possible Josh came up with the idea of freezing colored water inside of balloons.  After they froze the balloons were cut off and the fun could begin with the "balls".  
 And as I keep the kids inside, out of their winter gear, I remember how much fun they had on those days when we could go outside.  I have to say my favorite part of all those warmer days was about day 4 of outdoor play when Josh, Ethan and I were still inside getting ready and Abigail headed out on her own.  When I peeked outside the door to check on her I saw that she had run outside to throw herself in a snowbank already.  It was so fun to see her happy and so comfortable in that setting.  
Yes, right now we aren't going outside much but that doesn't mean we aren't ready for the next time we can.
There is a lot of winter left to be enjoyed, we are ready.


heath said...

The kids are VERY MUCH in their element. I love that Josh goes out and has SO MUCH fun with them...time that can give you a rest, but I know well enough that without mom getting everyone suited up, bellies full, and potty trips, fun wouldn't be had....E and A are so blessed to call you BOTH mommy and daddy :)

mother said...

Yay for outdoor adventures!!! Kids and snow just go together in a natural way. I was always so happy to see you 3 troop in with soggy mittens and those BEAUTIFUL, healthy pink cheeks!! I was so happy to hang all the assorted gear down to drip and thaw by the woodstove and offer you warm cocoa and snacks in the cozy kitchen. Good memories. (We won't talk about my solution for your steamed up glasses, my poor, little girl.)

mother said...

One more thought--you can tell Miss A's thumbs are NOT in her mittens in the last picture. haha

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