January 20, 2014

Tiny thing...Big Impact

This is guest blog week... so this is Kathleen's mother (Sharon)  Enjoy!

We certainly count on our computers.
Even when not in working at an office, they impact our lives.
In Kathleen's kitchen, the computer is usually open
sharing pictures and music.
Cheery songs fill the house and she and the little ones 
dance and sing along throughout the day.
Then come times to ichat with family scattered about.
(That is like Skype for Mac users.)
We distant grandparents talk and laugh with them all.
Not to even mention the blog that Kathleen so faithfully
 posts 5 times every week.

All of this is made possible by a small cord that connects the computer to its power source.

It may be small on its end, but there are tiny and rather delicate little
connectors in this end.
They fit exactly into the power outlet of the computer.
When little men get a hold of such a thing,
it must look yummy.
Or at least Ethan thought so.
But teeth clamping down on these parts rather change the specific configuration of the inside parts.  Thus, the Klynstra house finds itself in a sudden computer blackout zone.
No music, no pictures, no ichat.
So sad.
And quiet.
And, worst of all for the rest of us, no blog pictures and stories.
We find a part of our day is missing.

In the meantime,
until Amazon gets its shipment up to the far north,
some of us are filling in on Kathleen's pages.
"Guest bloggers" she calls us.
I took a picture of this calendar at a store awhile ago.
I simply loved what it said.
It depicts my feelings on being home day-to-day with children.
And Kathleen's life at this moment in time.
The baking, potty training, feeding, scrubbing, teaching, dressing, playing, washing of bodies, clothing, dishes and floors, soothing, scolding, loving and healing...
"ordinary arts we practice every day at home"
ARE important to our souls.
And especially the 4 dear souls that live in that pretty house tucked among the trees and snow of Fairbanks.
Good things happen there.
Every day.  Redundant.  Repetitive.  Tiring to Mama.
But of great value and importance.
That's a fact.

So, until Klynstra Occurrences is back online by its rightful owner,
we can only guess what new posts from this special family will be coming.
And we are thankful that we no longer have to count on stagecoaches and dogsleds to transport packages there.


Heath said...

Very very sweet indeed. I would agree that part of our day is missing when k doesn't blog. I'm happy she's getting a break too. While we do depend so much on our computers and use them for almost everything, it can be freeing to have a break too. Hope this time is a blessing for our faithful blogger.

Kathleen Klynstra said...

My dear mother. Thank you so much for doing a guest post for me, and on your birthday no less. Yes, that little power cord did give us a lot of trouble didn't it. But at the end of it I enjoyed the time away. The kids and I focused on life at home and it was so fun to see how the blog was so well take care of. Thank you for your post.

Anonymous said...

Good quote- I missed kathleen's ability to research for me and to skype during that computerless time... good tribute!


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