January 7, 2014

Those Dusty Situations

I feel like it is easiest to clean a little bit each and every day at my house instead of taking one day to do it all.  Bathrooms one day, vacuum another.  The thing I hate the most is dusting.  I am not sure why I hate it so much but I do.  My house might be clean but oh it is rarely dust free.  Living with a wood stove that produces a lot of dust doesn't help.
 But of all the chores I do, the kids love it when I dust the most.
 How ironic is that?  It doesn't make me love the job any more but it is fun to see them get so excited to be given a rag to wash with.  
And a job well done always deserves a reward like a little movie.  When the sun ever does come back to this cold and dark place I know my house will reflect every dust particle.  But for now I can clean the bathroom and dust tomorrow.  Right?  I guess for this the darkness can be my friend.


lindajo said...

Oh how I to also hate to dust, I will have clean windows tho...which then shows the dust more...oh well. Love the way the kids are concentrating so hard to do a good job!

heath said...

what a great way to have the darkness be your friend! :) It's very fun to see A and E so intent on helping momma..and so cute to see them snuggled on the couch together :)

mother said...

Just today was a house cleaning day for me. A big one, too, as I packed away all the Christmas decorations and tree. And whenever I dust like today, I miss my little people dusting the lower rungs of the chairs, the baseboards and table legs. Be grateful for those little helpers. Do you remember sox on hands instead of dust rags?

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