January 1, 2014

Starting 2014

As in the past, I have written out my goals for the new year on the blog.  I then have the chance to look back at them through the year and see just where I was in my year, if my goals were the same, and if I was accomplishing what I had set out to do. I am happy to do this again.

Kathleen’s Goals for 2014
(In no particular order)

Potty Train Ethan.  I know he will be different than Abigail but I have high hopes that this time next year we will only have one child in diapers.

Boost our savings account and see if we can manage putting more into Josh's IRA.

Work daily at having more patience and grace with the kids, Josh and myself.  I am so thankful to be given the example of God's grace at my failures every day.  May I learn to share that grace with my friends and family.

Successfully complete this third pregnancy healthy.  Ethan's was so hard in different ways that we have been so concerned this time around.  So far so good, lets hope the next 5 months are the same.  

Help Abigail break her thumb sucking habit.  

Successfully learn to manage a family of 5.

Be serious about working on phonics with Abigail.  We have a lot of letter recognition down but I want to help her figure out sounds and putting them together.

Loose a large portion, if not all, of my third pregnancy baby weight.  This will be my first early summer baby.  The thought of not going through post-pardum in the winter is something I am truly looking forward too.

Help Ethan start to really talk.

Stay focused on the big picture.  Josh and I have big plans for 2014 that are yet to be blog worthy.  It is something that has been planned, talked about and dreamed about.  But like all plans, it can easily fall through if we don't stay focused.  My goal is that by the end of 2014 we will have succeeded. 


heath said...

love these goals...i have confidence that you will reach many, if not all....and then give yourself GRACE along the way when the road gets bumpy. I will cheer you and your family on through each of these..even when hard. thank you for sharing the intimate details of who you are kathleen...i love it...so thankful to call you friend and so thankful we have a God that will always make everything work for His good....even when it means detours

mother said...

I agree with Heather's wisdom about the detours. Be easy on yourself, recognize that goals and to-do lists are sometimes more than we can achieve or see through. Take each day for itself. You are loved. VERY loved.

mother said...

This is directed at the pic on your blog. Abigail is staring down at the sled wondering why oh why Ethan is lying full-weight on her? Just because she's the oldest, she is NOT the lightest in that twosome.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read your words yet, but I scrolled down to the picture (which I always look at first) and I see little kathleen in Abigail's profile. What a sweet little picture!

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