January 8, 2014

So Good To See Your Face

There is a lot of fun things going on in our house these days.  Activities, crafts, and stuff to share but today I want to share this picture.  It has been in my blog folder for awhile and every time I see it it makes me smile.  

This is a picture of my mother, taken by Abigail, when we were ichatting together.  My mother was in her kitchen in Texas and we were in ours in Alaska.  Between ichat, skype, and facetime my kids get to see their grandparents in southern Alaska, grandparents in Texas, aunt and uncles in New Jersey and Texas, their cousins and even my best friend and her kids in North Carolina.  Each and every time we have these face to face times it leaves me with a smile.  
I often think of how it used to be when a letter was all the communication people had, and it wasn't that long ago.  No phone calls, computers or text messages.  I know technology poses a threat to our kids and should be monitored and guarded.  Yet, when I see my kids show my family a favorite shirt, or sing a song, or act out a dance I am so happy.  Even though we live far apart they know their family and how thankful I am for that.  I love when Abigail with come to me and say, "mama, can I talk to Caroline (or you fill in the blank) in the computer today?"  The visits with those we love are so few and far between but how loved I feel after I get to see those faces staring back at me via a computer screen.  Until I can hug them in person this works, for now, it works.  


heath said...

AMEN..couldn't have said it better :)

mother said...

This pic was taken by a JUST BARELY turned 3-year-old. Of a computer screen. Wow. that child has a talent!!! National Geographic, you future is secure!

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