January 6, 2014

Sibling Pact

Growing up my siblings and I had a sibling pact.  An agreement that regardless of how frustrated we ever were at each other we would stand up for each other against our parents, and well the world I guess.  It makes me laugh to see at such a young age Abigail and Ethan have already started to establish their own sibling pact.  
 Whenever Ethan gets scolded Abigail will come over and hug him, bring him a toy and cheer him up.  And as this picture shows Abigail was put in time out and while she was sitting there Ethan came and sat on her lap.  To them it doesn't matter that Abigail was put in time out because she had been mean to her brother.  Or that Ethan was scolded because he was forceful towards Abigail.  Nope, what matters to them is that their sibling, that they love, has been scolded and they need to be there to remind them, that no matter how mad Josh and I might, get they are not alone.  
May they always remember that together they will be able to face the world, and their parents.  Regardless of how frustrated they might get with each other they do in fact have each other.


heath said...

haha..these two!!! ;) love the matching outfits! it just emphasizes the sibling pact.

mother said...

They look like twins!! Cute outfits. Just a reminder that our sibling relationships are the longest we have on earth. i do hope and pray they will ALWAYS be supportive of and loving to one another.

Anonymous said...

The sibling pact! nice tribute.

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