January 23, 2014

Same Differences

What fun it has been to be a guest blogger for Kathleen. This is Heather again for my last post.  I must say, it's fun, but takes time and attention to be a good blogger.  I've always been very impressed on how consistent and THOUGHTFUL Kathleen was with hers.  Way to go!  Thank you Kathleen for always allowing us to peek into the window of your daily Alaskan lives....

I laugh as I think about all the ideas I had for this week.  One that stuck out to me was how DIFFERENT my life has become from Kathleens. 

I thought I would highlight the most obvious difference through a few pictures and then have a laughable moment with that...

Fairbanks, AK (Kathleens winter wonderland)  Photo taken Weds

Elizabeth City, NC (our yard) Photo taken on Tues

Obvious differences right....a difference that Kathleen and I often laugh about.  Not only is it the temperature differences that on some days can vary 100 degrees from our two doorsteps, but the trees are different, our birds are different, and so on.  Our most talked about difference is the amount of clothing our kids have to wear to just go, well, anywhere in Fairbanks versus here....Oh Kathleen, you ARE amazing.  

Well, as I highlight this difference, I find more humor in the fact that THIS happened here on Weds:

SNOW is a huge deal here..and we have LOVED it.  So in good Kathleen and Josh style, I needed to get that one picture of us outside enjoying this snow :) 

Allow me to change gears now.....
Last night in the warmth of my home I hosted a party.  A 'Sewing Party for Moldova'.  I'll quickly explain what that is after I let you know that sewing is one of the many things that my friend Kathleen does SO well.  I've always been impressed and envious of her many creations. Actually, the very first day she invited me over to her little cabin, she impressed me with her curtains...hand sewn.  Our family has been blessed by many of those creations as well (and you, as readers have seen some on this blog).  Kathleen has helped me and motivated me over the phone and skype to become a better sewer.  I'm so thankful to her for that.

Here is a picture of the amazing work done last night by 10 ladies, gathered in our little home, while the snow and cold continued outside.  So much FUN!

These bags are being sent over with a missions team from my church in WA.  They will be filled with personal hygeine goods, hats, and gloves and handed out to kids from orphanages and schools.  Such a blessing to bring ladies together for a wonderful purpose...

And with that I close. I started this blog stating 'how different my life has become from Kathleen's'.
 While a country separates us, our lives still remain the same in so many WONDERFUL ways.  We both are busy moms, trying our best to show unconditional love to our little ones while steering them in the right direction in this world.  We  both have amazing husbands that are even more AMAZING daddies to our kiddos and that love and support us daily. Lastly, but most importantly, we both have the LOVE and ACCEPTANCE of our Father in heaven...therefore making us forever SISTERS in Christ.  A blessing that no amount of miles between us can CHANGE ;)


Kathleen Klynstra said...

Oh how different life seems when we are so far apart but you are right, it is wonderful how connected we can still be. I am so excited that your girls got the chance to play in the snow, just as mine were watching ours melt, and to see you sew so much makes me smile. I love that skype and phone calls keep us connected. Thanks for this guest blog post.

Anonymous said...

Another sweet post- what a cool sewing idea. I like guest blog week. You should do this twice a year regardless if you son has chewed your computer chord out of function.

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