January 16, 2014

Life's little twists...

We have had a few things happen the last few days that have been fun and interesting.  Yesterday we had the 20 week ultrasound for "BKdelux". Kathleen dropped Ethan off at the museum with a babysitter and I took Abigail to do a little shopping before we met with Kathleen at the ultrasound place.  While there we were blessed to find out that we are having another little girl. Too bad for Ethan, he'll be outnumbered pretty soon. 

Another interesting thing that happened, which is surprising it hasn't happened before, is that Ethan got a hold of the charge cord for the laptop from off the counter while it was plugged. He then decided, like he does with all things, to suck on it. Fortunately it doesn't produce enough electrical output to be harmful but toddler saliva makes power cords short out. Thus we are without a power cord for a few days until amazon ships a new one.  Oddly enough, the power cord at the local Mac store cost 4 times what the same thing costs on amazon.  This event will be resulting in a short series of guest bloggers here for the next week or two.  Enjoy.

1 comment:

heath said...

YAYYYYY for baby girl!!!!!!! sooo excited!!! so so so so so so excited!

booooooo on the power cord!


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