January 31, 2014

Learning To Share

Josh's favorite meal that I make for him is calzones.  Honestly I don't completely understand it but I do know every time I ask his opinion about what should be on the meal calendar that is his first request, EVERY TIME.  So calzones I make.  I make a batch of normal pizza dough (which makes two pizzas) and make four calzones out of it (one for dinner and plenty for lunches).  

Well, as our family has grown to a mama that can eat gluten for these pregnant months and two little kids that likes calzones, Josh has had to share.  His calzones have gotten less in number and slightly smaller.  To this I saw no problem, Josh on the other had was extremely troubled by these events.  So now when I make calzones for my family I...
 make a double batch of dough (which really is the max my bowl can make)
 And with the need for fillings for 8 plus calzones I enlist the help of my girl in the kitchen.  (no she doesn't do all the chopping but she does love to help.  Soft mushrooms are the prefect teacher for learning to use sharp knives)
 And if there ever is a meal Abigail likes to help with it is calzones since she loves to eat all of the raw ingredients (dough, canadian bacon, mushrooms and cheese) before they even go together.
And she is sure to always sure to share some of the fruits of all her cutting labors with her little brother. Hope maybe there daddy can learn a little bit of that sharing grace soon too, maybe it will just have to come in a different form than his beloved calzones.


lindajo said...

Also Legos! Your calzones are so yummy, now I want them for dinner too! ( but then i would have to cook )

heath said...

so very fun!! the knife pic makes me a little nervous, but i know she's supervised of course (duh)...I think it's funny the idea that J now has to share :) So, quick q--will you go back to no gluten post pregnancy? i'm confused?

Anonymous said...

Happy to see the computer back and running in the background.

I too would like a calzone... but with Linda on that one!


mother said...

I join H on the vision of Ethan's little fingers VERY close to that sharp knife... and a bit-on-the-bossy side sister. Could be an issue, you think?

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