January 18, 2014

Learning something new... guest blogger

Hello My Name is Drew.  I am your guest blogger today.  I am Kathleen’s brother-in-law. 

Last week my wife called me and told me that she wanted to learn how to skateboard.  It was CRAZY because just 10 minutes before, I had seen someone cruisin down the street on a board and was thinking, “I wanna do that!”  Situations like this are what make being married so fun… you get in each other’s heads!

Anyway, in my research I have found that a better version of skateboarding for people new to the sport.  It is called LONGBOARDING.  So I found the Derringer 28 for my wife (she said she wants pink) and then for myself, I am still shopping around; maybe the Apex 40. 

The longboard is good for efficient commuting because it is easy to carry when you are at your destination and you can carry things in your hands if you need while you ride.  It is faster than walking, not as sweaty as running and less cumbersome than biking. 

Then when you aren’t using it for functional purposes you can learn new tricks and trades.  If you haven’t watched the movie, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” you are missing out of the inspiring longboard ride he takes on the winding roads of Iceland.

You may never find out how we did with this new venture because I am just a guest blogger, but it might spark a desire within your own lifestyle.  


mother said...

I know YOU, you very cool guest blogger. I just saw Walter Middy last night and I, too, would like to skateboard. But my grandma version would need guard rails and big, wide tires and a roof and steering wheel and perhaps air bags...maybe it would be a small car.

I'd still like to tie stones to my hands, though.

Heath said...

Very interesting!! I'm pretty sure I would kill myself on one of those but I can imagine you and H all geared up riding your stylish longboards with maybe a doggie one for Grover perhaps? Sounds fun and adventurous. Could either of you really commute to work on one?

Kathleen Klynstra said...

Drew, thank you so much for doing a guest post. I am excited about you and Hillary learning something together. I think it is so much fun to do. Just be safe, no extra tricks to start with ok.


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