January 29, 2014

Indoor Jungle Gym

Most of these past winter days have been above zero and thus good outdoor play days.  But sometimes the days cool, sometimes the outdoor play isn't enough, sometimes the dark winter days have a feeling of boredom approaching or sometimes something new is needed.  Last week we had a day just like that.  
 But when faced with this predicament Josh gained control by making an indoor maze in the basement out of action packers, coolers, and rubber totes.  Some were empty, some were full of random storage items but all were used to make mazes, tunnels and hiding places.  With the maze in place a game of chase/tag began with the leader waving the much wanted balloon.  
 Our budding climber, but pretty slow runner, soon grew bored of chase and decided to instead make a jungle gym out of the bins.
 Abigail also got in on the activity and we gathered just the full bin (they shift a lot less) and created an up and down maze for the kids to climb around on.
And as the kids slowed down (a sign of success for all activities) a much loved game of hide and seek began, in addition to rearranging the totes to make the perfect hiding places.  The thing we have learned about little kids is that no activity works well for long, there needs to be change, variation, guidance and encouragement to try out new things.  This basement gym met these requirements perfectly.  How thankful I am for Josh's ideas and the family fun time that developed because of it.  


mother said...

Josh is a most remarkable dad!! What fun without going out or spending lots of money. And good exercise or both bodies and minds. Super!!!

heath said...

seriously, this is AWESOME!!! First of all, I love the way Josh's mind works...he's SO VERY CREATIVE! Secondly, I love the AMOUNT of space you have to work with it!! it's awesome!!! Thirdly, it's SO VERY FUN to see the kiddos having so much fun....and LASTLY, wow, you have ALOT of coolers, actions packers, etc ;) Oh Alaska.....

Anonymous said...

I like the curtain on the railing around the wood burning stove- it looks cute and colorful!

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