January 10, 2014

Hats To Fit

As the temperatures have dropped drastically in the lower 48 over the past week we have actually been blessed.  Our temperatures actually increased to above zero.  With temperatures around 15 degrees Josh has been able to take the kids out every day for winter/snow play.

One thing we realized, the first day of Abigail being wrapped in a scarf, was that we needed something a little different for the kids' winter wear.  With that I pulled out some of my fleece fabric stash and set to work.
 What I was able to make was three hats that fit each of my snow adventurers.  These hats fit so only the face is showing.  The neck, ears, and foreheads are all covered.  When there are times that the chins get cold the bottom of the hat can just be lifted up to cover the chin/mouth for awhile.
 I love watching the kids go out and play for a hour in the snow fort Josh made for them and with all the piles of snow around the house.  As the light starts to fade they truck back inside with pink rosy cheeks but with warm heads and necks.  
Yes, the right gear makes for tons of fun.  So happy that a little bit of a project for me could be just what they needed.  Success all around.

Another thing I realized this week was that if our winter weather was more like this past week, temperatures between10-20 degrees, I think I would a happier winter dweller.  But alas where I have chosen to live means that these temperatures are a treat instead of the norm.  Today the temperatures are set to drop to about -30 once again.  These hats will not be worn for snow play until we once again are blessed with a winter "heat wave."  But when that day comes we are set and ready for the fun we can have outside once again.


mother said...

Cute hats! And Josh and Ethan's match. Do you have one like Abigail?

Heath said...

The hats are adorable,,great job. Those 3 look SO happy. What great memories they are creating

Did you follow a pattern? Velcro?

Kathleen Klynstra said...

To answer the questions. Nope, I do not have a matching hat. Due to my huge head with all of my hair I just really don't wear hats much. I do want to knit myself one of those cute bands though that wraps just around my ears. We will see.

Heather - I did follow a pattern but it was then extremely modified as the pattern hat would probably fit an elephant. No velcro, snaps or buttons. One of the great things about these hats. They are fitted for each person and just slide on over their heads. As for being happy. They are. They love being out there. The only time they really fuss is when I come out. Then is it mama, mama we want this or need that. But when they are just with daddy they really just play and have fun.

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