January 27, 2014


Oh how thankful I am to all of my guest bloggers.  Thank you, thank you.  

The funny thing about loosing power to your computer that you can't get back for a week and a half.  There is no warning.  Just like that the battery died, I went to plug it in and found out, humm, it wasn't working.  Thus we were put into a week of no pictures, music, blog, internet, banking and more.  The first few days were hard, too quiet almost.  I borrowed a cd player from a friend and pulled out my old cds from college on day three and started laughing at the memories they bring me.

But you know what, after day 10 when the power cord came I was ok.  Oh it was good to be able to do this or that but I found myself keeping the computer closed and set aside more and more.  The attention my family received and the freedom of an extra distraction ended up being a blessing.  So where I love having my computer back for many reasons I am holding on to that cd player a little longer.  Even with the computer open for just music it leads to this or that.  As I work to limit how much the kids see me on the computer, using it only at nap time/bed time, maybe my little Ethan will be less inclined to be near it too and thus suck on the power cord anymore.  

Lots has happened, and not happened, while I have been away.  After blogging all the time for years it was really fun to watch other people step in, see their ideas, read their thoughts, and share their feelings.  But now I am back and that feels good too.  Amazing what a little break can do for everyone.
With those thoughts I leave you with this image.  This mama isn't as good at forts as daddy is, but I do try.  The other day I attempted to make a fort for the kids out of their little table and a couch blanket.  That worked fora  few minutes until Abigail decided that instead of a fort it looked like instead I had made the perfect place for a picnic.  Yes, a picnic I can do.  So at 7:30 am my kids settled down for a picnic.  Super fun and no problems with bugs at all!


heath said...

very fun!! look at E with his plate!!! and a guest loon??? love it!

mother said...

So glad you are back! But i loved reading Heather, Drew and Hill's contributions, too.

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