January 15, 2014

For Number 3

Two years ago I knitted Abigail and Ethan (who would be born 8 months later) Christmas stockings.
 Before I could pack them away this year I knew I wanted to get one made for Baby #3.  Once there is a little newborn in my arms I really don't have time for knitting needles, now was the time.  
 The stocking went well, can't believe how smooth the toe and heel went after not working this pattern for two year.  It went well that is except for the time I got distracted.  The night I was turning the heel I received a phone call.  The pattern was going smoothly enough so I felt I could keep on kitting while talking.  But after I got off the phone I check the pattern and realized I had decreased much too much on the heel.  But oh how I HATE to rip out stitches.  You see I don't mind the ripping out part as much as the picking them back up when I need to.  So with that I just decided to start the increase and let it be.  It is after all a christmas stocking to hang, not one to be worn.
And just like that our baby number 3 has their own stocking with a pointy heel, that Josh tells me will be the joke of the family for many years to come.  Oh my baby will you love that yours is different or will you hate it?  I do hope this is something we can all laugh about for each stitch was done with love for you and thoughts of you.  Plus I tell myself it won't look that different once it is hanging full of toys on Christmas morning.  

As for the news on baby number 3...Today is the day we get to see our little BK deluxe once again.  Can't wait to come back here on this blog and share with you just who we might be expecting to greet in just a few months.  


mother said...

Ha ha. Great looking stockings, round or square heels, doesn't matter. They are so pretty with different stripes. And this doesn't show how BIG they are in real life!!!

heath said...

Love little one #3's stocking ;) Very wonderful!!!! I think you did a great job ;)

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