January 13, 2014

For My Future Chef

I have mentioned a time or two there that Ethan loves to cook.  Unfortunately our little guy hasn't been properly outfitted, until now.
The other day I was able to take some time to sort through my fabric stash and make up a little chef's apron for my boy.
With the right outfit we set to work making up a batch of cookies for daddy.  Each time we have cooked since I get a big smile from Ethan as soon as I pull his apron out of the pantry.  Yes, he knows that with his apron in place Mama is about to cook up something good, with his help of course.  


lindajo said...

Love it, his little manly apron!

mother said...

Very cute. And plaid, no less.

heath said...

haha!!! he's SO cute!!! and looks SO HAPPY :) GREAT job momma!

Anonymous said...

I like the apron and I think I also got a glimpse of the unisex moccasins.

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