January 28, 2014

For Me?

When I was due with Ethan, Abigail was so small that she was really oblivious to most of what was going on around with the gathering of supplies and preparations.  This time around she is not only aware of everything we are doing but also wants to be extremely involved.  
Once we found out we were having another little girl I pulled out my girl things.  Honestly there isn't much.  You see we thought we were done, at least for a long time, after Ethan, so in my "I am done" phase I gave most everything away.  The items I did keep were things hand sewn for Abigail and special gifts.  When going through things the other day Abigail came across this 12 month dress that her grammie Klynstra had made her two years ago.  Before I could blink she had stripped off her clothes and put it on, bloomers and all.  
And with a "it still fits" declaration, she went on to wear this little baby dress all day, and I didn't really have the heart to make her take it off.  I did call my mother and laughed because she reminded me of the famous shirley temple movies where shirley was 6+ years old and wearing short dresses like this because at the time that was the fashion.  But where this was the fashion 50 years ago it isn't so much now.  So I have since tucked that dress back away and next year our newest little lady will get to try it on for size.  No, not all the baby things are for Abigail these days but soon she will have the baby itself and what better gift could she get!


Beth said...

Haha, get that girl some cute leggings and let her wear it again! :)

mother said...

Quite amazing that it still fits around her. Such a half pint! And, being that I did grow up with Shirley and her rather scandelous short dresses-I think it is perfectly DARLING, darling!

Heath said...

She looks adorable. That green is so pretty on her! Is she doing her ballet moves?

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