January 30, 2014

Down (And other Sayings)

The following are some quotes and stories of how when the kids talk we laugh...

Josh to Ethan: Hey Dude
Abigail: What is Dude?
Josh to Abigail: It is a nickname. Sort of like when Mommy and Daddy call you pumpkin. That isn't your name just a nickname.
Abigail: Ok
Later Abigail to Josh: Hey Dude
Josh: What does dude mean?
Abigail: A Pumpkin

Abigail and I had a lengthy conversation the other day about how she really doesn't have to answer EVERYTHING I say with why.  Just a few minutes the following conversation took place as I walked by her playing:
Abigail:  Mama, I didn't say why!
Me:  That is great Abigail because it really drives me crazy.
Abigail:  Why?
Ethan loves to call everyone in our family Mama.  To whoever he needs something from (Josh, me or Abigail) Mama works but at the same times he is completely capable of saying Dada.  Josh was outside playing with him the other day and was encouraging him to crawl through the snow path.  He kept fussing but Josh was just waiting at the edge of the path for him.  At one particular point he got stuck, was very frustrated and looks up and pitifully says, "dada."  Josh says that at that point he went right away and got him.  He says he just can't help it when Ethan does that.
Abigail gets herself dressed every morning in her "home" clothes.  Recently she has taken to putting on dark socks first thing in the morning to match the dark outside.  After nap time when the sun is up she switches to bright colored socks (yellow to match the sun or blue to match the sky) and then back to dark around dinner time.  She is very diligent about doing this everyday.  It cracks me up.

Whenever there is a mess, accident, or other little problem Abigail likes to just reply, "it happens."
Most little kids I know have the word NO as one of their first words.  This is probably due to the fact that it is what they hear so often.  I laughed the other day as Ethan spent the day walking around saying, "down, down, down."  I realized that yes, our adventure and climber hears all day, "Ethan get down, we don't stand on tables sit down, climb down, down, down, down."  Oh boy, we are in for some adventures for sure.  Our boy loves to go UP.
Abigail loves sweets, LOVES them I say.  The other morning she walks into my room at 5:30 am, comes up to the bed right by my face and says, "Mama, lets have one of the lollipops that are in the front pocket of the diaper bag."  
Ahh, Abigail sweets aren't for 5:30am snacks.  

Last year Josh taugh Abigail to say, "whoo baby" whenever we passed a big truck when we're driving.  The other day we are heading in to town and we see a big truck coming.  I ask Abigail what she thinks and she says, "whoo baby in mama's belly."  Well, I guess that works.


heath said...

This blog was SO MUCH FUN to read through....so many cute things that your kids do. I love to hear all about it ;) I was smiling all the way through ;) thank you for sharing!

mother said...

VERY good blog, K! I laugh all the time at the daily things the little ones do and say. And these pics are particularly great. Thanks for giving us a closer look at the way their little minds work. I love that!


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