January 24, 2014

Calls with Kathleen

Hi!  My name is Hillary, I am Kathleen’s one and only sister and I am your guest blogger today.  I am a professional blog reader, but have never written a blog post.

I am currently working in a job where I actually get a lunch break… a whole hour.  So, since May I have started a routine where I eat my lunch for the first ½ hour and then go for a 15-25 minute walk in the second ½ hour.  The first thing I do when I step out onto the sidewalk is speed dial “Kathleen Home”. 

Sometimes it takes a few extra seconds for her to answer and I get so sad so quick that it surprises me.  The good thing is that my 12pm is her 8am morning routine.  This advantage almost guarantees that she will be home.  So these chats each day sometimes are very profound and then sometimes are of no other significance than to communicate that we love each other enough to just talk about nothing so we hear each other’s voice.

Here are some things we talk about:

  1. Abigail’s outfits and clothes
  2. Gift ideas for people (Kathleen is always thinking about great gift ideas well in advance of any holiday)
  3. The Fairbanks children’s museum that didn’t have walls but now has walls
  4. What Kathleen is making for dinner and how many other people she is making dinner for that day.
  5. Trip ideas and places we would like to go or how Kathleen will help me plan a trip somewhere I want to go because she is so much better than me with that
  6. Ethan’s insistence on screaming/ screeching in the absence of talking
  7. How we are going to live in Maine together when we both get old
  8. How to raise up her kids to want to take care of me too when I get old
  9. How much money we saved on a purchase deal at the grocery store or online
  10. How I should plant an herb garden in my apartment

Each conversation is seasoned with:

  1. “Ethan don’t climb on that”
  2. “Abigail share that snack with your brother or I will take it away”
  3. “Abigail turn around you cannot talk to your brother when you are in timeout”
  4. “Ethan let go of Abigail’s hair”
  5. “Stop fighting”
  6. “Not right now I need 5 minutes to talk to your Aunt Hillary, no not aunt Heather, this is Aunt Hillary.  Do you want to talk to Aunt Hillary?  No?  Ok then go play but don’t keep taking that away from Ethan he had it first”
  7. “Get out of that we just put that away”
  8. “Oh wait I think Ethan has to go to the bathroom.”
  9. “Eat what is on your plate, stop playing with it and use your fork”
  10. “That is it! I am going in the guest room to talk to you I can’t even hear myself think”  This is then followed by repetitive pounding on the guest room door from both children dying to come in an tantalize their mother some more.  
These short calls have become mandatory parts of our weeks, sanity and birth control.  Love you, Kathleen!  Keep up the good work!


lindajo said...

Hillary, I love that your part of my family too!

heath said...

Hil---this is awesome...I laughed the whole way through reading this. I also wanted you to know that I pray and hope that my girls have atleast half of the friendship that you and Kathleen have when they grow up. I love you too!!

Kathleen Klynstra said...

Hillary, your calls each day are something I always look forward too. Oh how I hate those days when you don't get a lunch, the weather is too cold for your walk or you have company for your walk and can't call. I love the sanity you bring to my life and I love how, as my sister, even as you love my kids you love me more and care so much how life is for me. Thank you so much for doing such a fun blog post.

Beth said...

Can I come to Maine, too?

Anonymous said...

Yes Beth you can come to Maine when we are old.

And Heather- you know that Abigail thinks we are one in the same person. If I didn't think you were so great I might actually mind... but I don't ;-)

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