January 3, 2014

Away From That Little Brother

Abigail and Ethan love each other.  They love each other like most young siblings do.  They play, argue, help each other and get frustrated with each other.  
 But as Abigail moves more and more into intricate play Ethan is not able to participate yet.  It doesn't mean he doesn't want to of course, it just means more destruction for Abigail.  As she plays she is learning to do it just out of reach.
 I have found Abigail playing on our bed, at the table, and of course IN the toy box.  Places where Ethan can see her but just can't get there.
And when is her favorite time to play?  When Ethan "helps" me with my chores of course.  So nice to know they love to play together but good to know they also need their time apart.


heath said...

so funny she jumps in that toy box...when she is done in there does she hate having to put it all back? or is that a game too? ohhh, and one Ethan CAN play with her :)

mother said...

And I wondered WHY Josh ever made that toybox so very large!? He just knew, didn't he, that it would hold more than just toys.

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