December 30, 2013

Those Long Winter Days

Last week Josh was able to be home from work both Wednesday and Thursday.  Wednesday, being Christmas and all, was relaxing, fun and simple.  When Thursday came and the temperatures were still around -30.  We didn't want to do much but something needed to be done.  Being home on a cold winter day as an adult is a whole different story than being home when you have little kids.  Fighting the dreaded case of boredom was upon us.
 So I declared the afternoon Family time and decided we needed to come up with activities that worked for all of us (15 month old all the way to a pregnant mama).  The first step was a maze.  Josh is so good at forts that once I gave him the idea of a maze it didn't take him long to gather all of our furniture/toys and household goods into one good maze.  

The kids loved the up and down, crawling, climbing and running around.  But of course after a little bit the same crazy maze can become not so crazy and just maybe we found our little 15 month old wandering back into trouble.
 So with that the maze became a hide and seek arena.  We all took turns and discovered that Ethan is great at finding, Abigail not so much.  But it was fun for all.
 Tired parents decided next that we needed a family activity that was a little more size appropriate (crawling under tables gets harder the bigger we get, imagine that).
 And as always clay with daddy, the artist, is always so fun.  This mama tends to keep the red - red, blue - blue and yellow - yellow.  Well, daddy instead teaches the kids the joy of the primary colors and how you can make just about any color you want from those three.
And even though we ended up with a whole lot of deep purple, it was fun for all.  Yes, the winter is long but if we can keep the ideas flowing we might just make it through.


heather said...

so very fun!!! thank you for always documenting your fun ;) what great ideas for a cold winters day...with daddy home. I think family play time should be declared more often in ALL families!!! pretty love love the one of Ethan (and that swirl....). did you take any video of kids going through the maze? also, what kind of clay do you use?

mother said...

Look at that curly wave in that little man's (newly acquired or at least seen) red hair!!!!

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