December 17, 2013

The The Smells Of the Season Begin

 We are a family that is in the kitchen A Lot.  When I am there the kids are there and when they are both there craziness is bound to occur.   But with Christmas just around the corner we aren't just making dinners, breads, and daddy snacks.  Oh no, the fun treat portion of this holiday has kicked into high gear.  
Abigail is loving it.  She loves the cookie cutters, the rolling of dough (my small pastry rolling pin is officially hers she has declared since it is the baby sized one compared to my main rolling pin.) and measuring, counting and adding of ingredients that we put together.
 But really when it comes down to it, my girl has the biggest sweet tooth I know and what she really loves are the tastes that comes out of everything.  Try as I might she has licked the measuring spoons before I can catch her and she has found that even though cookies taste great residual baking powder does NOT.

 I love this time with her since this year she really is a helper and an active participant in the cooking.  
But even as Abigail pushes her way in next to me to see what is in the mixer, we are not alone.  Oh no. This year we have another quiet, watchful, learning, eager participant in the kitchen.  When we are there Ethan is there as well.  Even though he isn't vocal like Abigail he is still taking it all in.  The other day he was watching Abigail put flour in the mixer.  When I set the measuring cup down and went to get something else he quietly picks up the cup, climbs off his chair, walks to the flour bin to get a scoop himself.  He wanted to do what his big sister had done.
Just as I learn to balance two little people who love to "help" he is finding his way to make sure his sister doesn't get to have all the fun.  Oh this is a season full of smells, and tastes, for all.  I do believe after all this fun settles down my little man is going to need his own kitchen apron to show his place as official kitchen helper at our house.


mother said...

It may be dark and bitter outdoors but, inside your walls, there is light and warmth and goodness! Such beautiful baby faces! You are teaching such wonderful lessons about creating, measuring and ending up with amazing, yummy things!

heath said...

so so so fun!!! great pics allowing us to see into your sweet lives...full of work (made into FUN) and lots of LOVE AND PLAY :)

heath said...

i just was looking over this post again...that photo of Ethan looking up is so beautiful....i would frame that one for sure...he's SO BEAUTIFUL!! handsome, yes, but BEAUTIFUL!

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