December 27, 2013

The Role He Was Born To Play

Abigail loves her baby dolls.  They are dressed, rocked, read to, fed and more all in the course of each day.  From her Ethan is also learning these fine skills.  When we are in a crowd and there is a baby present Abigail is not the only one excited to see it.  Oh no, Ethan really does love every baby he has ever met.
This year is going to change a lot of things.  It will be hard to bring a third little person into our home.  To balance it all and to give to each what they need but as for how the kids will take it, I do believe Ethan will be in love.  Being a big brother was a role he was born to play.


Anonymous said...

such a cute picture!!!

mother said...

Look at this smile!!!!!!!!! I love that he smiles now. And the old (30 year old???) cabbage patch doll lives on!

heath said...

okay, this is incredibly precious!!!! such a lover!

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