December 20, 2013

The Need To Create

A little over two weeks ago my to do list was very long, and I was tired.  So I convinced the kids that they would love to play in the basement and we all ventured downstairs.  There I threw my to do list to the wind and went in search of a pattern for a project I had in mind, thus adding something else to my to do list.
 Abigail had been given a hand me down night gown and my typically footed pajama girl was in love.  The chance to wear a dress, even at night, was such a wonderful thing.  The only problem was that the nightgown was a size 24 months.  My girl is small so the gown "fit" but the sleeves are a little short and the length only goes to just above her knees.  Ok if we lived in a warmer climate but these cold nights of ours needs something a little bigger.  

So as I searched through my patterns I came upon this one.  I had found it a few years ago at our local second hand store.  The pattern was originally from 1976 and where it is a simplicity brand there really wasn't much simple about the pattern in my mind (I am much more of a fly by the seat of my pants sewer than a pattern follower).  Darts, ruffles, pleats, button holes (oh I hate button holes) and more were very discouraging.  But hey, when I am in the mood to create and I have something at home that could work I really am not likely to go to the store to buy something new, even if it would be easier.
 Once the pattern was located Abigail was brought in for the fabric decision.  I had several pieces of flannel fabric that could do the job but Abigail chose this one.  Creamy white with little red stars and dark blue dots.  I wish you could feel it as well, so soft.  Perfect for a nightgown.  This was over two weeks ago.  In the time since then I have spent a time here and a time there pulling the pattern out of the package, reading it, putting it away, pulling it out again, sighing, cutting the pieces out, slowly marking each piece (how can one pattern that is so small have so many dots to mark?), and once again reading the pattern.  With two little helpers things take SO LONG.  Look at the pattern, Ethan don't take the pins, cut out a piece, No Abigail you can't have this fabric to make a dress for Anna because it is for your nightgown, pin a piece, Oh Ethan, please don't get into mama's threads.
And even though my evenings are short and precious last night was the night.  I put the kids to bed and decided yes, this could be done 17,000 times faster if I just do it now.  So a stitch here and a button hole there and I am proud to present my first nightgown for Abigail.  I love to sew and even if I don't sew a lot I do sew frequently.  Unfortunately a lot of this sewing is for gifts, house projects or other things not necessarily for my family.  The chance to sew for Abigail, something hopefully she will love to wear, is very fun for me.  I am forever grateful for my little space to create in the basement laundry room where things pile all around me but I can squeeze out some creativity.  And just like that I got the chance to create and at the same time mark something off my to do list.  Now I just hope the gown fits.

**Updated to add that it fits, she loves it, and it will be the clothing of choice tonight at bedtime.  Ahh success, it feels good.***

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heath said...

oh how very very very adorable!! it's so cute, and perfectly Abigail. Great job Kathleen! You should feel so wonderful to create something so special for your little girl. I love it!
Where are the button holes? in back?


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