December 23, 2013

The Count Down

I do love Christmas time.  The lights, songs, excitement, stories and all.  But I have found this year to be a little more tiring then most.  As I thought about it I realized that with little people the Christmas mood is on high every day of the December.  As simple as things are there is just no time for the excitement to slow down.  Christmas is coming and it is going to be great.
 One of the many ways we have gotten ready for Christmas, and helped Abigail realize how much time is left, has been to make a paper chain.  Each day Abigail and Ethan get to rip off one ring of paper and thus see how close we are to the big day.
 And so the excitement goes on.  In keeping with last year I decided to pick my battles and so we decided to put our tree up high again.  With our tree on top of our amour it lights up the entire room as it reaches up into the peak of our ceiling.  Plus we all get to enjoy it and the kids can't touch the needles.  
But knowing how hard that would be for Abigail this year I found a little pre-lite fake tree at a garage sale this past summer.  That is at Abigail's level and full of ornaments that can not break but can be moved around and enjoyed.  It has worked out so well.  The kids have been content and I have been super pleased to have the light of two trees in our house each day.  Christmas is coming, how exciting that is.

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heath said...

The trees are beautiful..they really do not only light up your home but your spirits i'm sure (especially in the darkest time of December)...The chain countdown is a very fun idea...I've always seen it used for military families so this is a refreshing change :)

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