December 18, 2013

Joy Of The Season

Josh had to go to the post office for work yesterday.  He said it was so packed he had to wait forever to mail the files he needed.  When he told me I was reminded how thankful I was that all of our boxes were mailed before and are on their way to the houses we wish we could visit.
This week there is a simpleness and an excitement.  There is ohhing, ahhing, cookie baking, nativity playing, story reading and jingle bell singing going on.  As I play each day with the kids I can't help but think about how wonderful and magical this time of year is.  

My mother wrote and amazing blog post yesterday.  If you wonder just where my excitment might come from you will find the answer there.  Enjoy this post.   


mother said...

Thanks for the shout out. I think that little elf hat on Ethan was meant for Anna. Ya think?

heath said...

cute little outfits and hats!! hah!! poor Josh..this time of year is always just the WORST at the post office...ironically though it's b/c everyone is there to send holiday cheer to someone else...yet they are all SO GRUMPY!?! I always thought the PO should have musicians there to calm those crazies into good spirits during this season :)

and, you do need to be commended for your organized EARLY Christmas deliveries...always impressed, never late. Santa should hire you!

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