December 24, 2013

Christmas Ready

Oh, there is so much to share on this last day before Christmas.  Stories of things we have done, pictures of places we have been.  But as I look over all I have to share I thought I would give you a glance at how we got ready for tomorrow.  
 First our birthday expert studied the box of cake mix and food coloring of choice.  Then we mixed up a cake for baby Jesus.
 It had to be perfect for the celebration to come.
 And in a recent visit to Santa's house we stopped by to visit baby Jesus.
 And remember the story of that magical night.
 Back home step two of tomorrow was getting ready.  Cookies to leave for Santa.  They just had to be frosted pink since that is the best color for every day of the year!
The kids had so much fun putting christmas sprinkles on each cookie.  Ethan was so good at it until he decided to take a quick lick.  Once he knew what he was working with the work end of this project was gone. 
 And when we went to visit santa we were sure to tell him that we were ready for him too.
Yes, the stockings have been hung with care.  We do hope Santa will be there!

Merry Christmas Eve To Each Of You.


mother said...

My, my how cute this is! Crazy about both of them in the red shirts and overalls. And Ethan putting sprinkles on cookies. As I sit here Christmas night, I am so happy to look at these pictures over and over.

heath said...

I was going to say the EXACT thing about the overalls that your momma did! hah!! Also, love A's little red shoes to go with it....she's very happy with Santa this year (both kids seem to be). That's great!! Mine wouldn't go near him ;) The cookies are wonderful..did you make those AND a birthday cake?

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