December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Oh the excitement, the preparations, the wishes, and all lead to one great day.
 Traditions run strong in the family and as we sat down to Christmas Eve service I smiled at my grandma's dishes and Josh's grandma's silver flatware. 
 Abigail, my admirer of all things pretty, agreed that yes, dinner did taste so much better when it was on a fancy plate.  
 Christmas morning, stockings, Santa, gifts, a breakfast of candy canes and all.
 With each new item there was joy.  How thankful we are to be blessed by so many people who love us and think of us.  
 Let me tell you, any doubt that you might have about a 3 year old and 15 month old knowing about which present is theirs and how to get it open, be assured they know all. 
Yes, a day full of pj's, play, family time and fun.  It was wonderful, relaxing and memorable.  Abigail stated more than once during the day that she believes since we were nice to Santa by putting out cookies and milk he is going to come again, soon.  Another year will be here before we know it, for now I am thankful for what we had this time around.

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heath said...

christmas eve dinner looks amazing!! I love that you bring out the special plates and silverware for this. Was this a traditional meal?
It looks like Santa brought all the right stuff to your home...and the kids love every bit of it...where did you hang the stockings? did you a get a staircase photo?

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