December 31, 2013

2013 Goals In Review

As I sit here on the last day of 2013 I look back at the year and am amazed.  I really can not believe what a difference a year has made.  Seriously!!  I have gone from a nursing mom of an infant with a toddler to a mother who has a toddler who was just weaned and a preschooler.  I have gone from thinking we would be a family of four forever to finding myself once again starting down this road towards a newborn.  I look at pictures and blog posts from last year and it really seems like it has been so much longer than just one year.  

As a review I thought I would take a look at my goals originally posted 1/1/13 and see how I did:

Kathleen’s Goals for 2013
(In no particular order)

Be more intentional about doing sit down projects/crafts with Abigail.
Yes, I do believe I did this.  We even do this with Ethan at the table too.  

Successfully grow potatoes again, after two bad years I need to back back on track
Potatoes were better this year but not great.  Still trying to figure this one out.  Why is it I struggle with successful potatoes so much?  Hummm.

Live for today and this year, don't let the idea of older kids and more financial security of the future stop us from enjoying the here and now for 2013.
We worked on this, I worked on this a lot this year.  I feel that I was extremely successful in the fact that we did a lot more "fun" and intentional things in 2013.

Try cooking at least one, maybe even two, new recipes a month to spice things up a little
You know I don't know if we did one every month but we sure did do a lot.  New favorites this year that I can think of are a chicken/rice casserole, a thai marinate on grilled salmon, and a brown rice version of jambalaya.

Explore more Fairbanks activities, especially in the summer, with the kids
This year I fully was able to grasp that it is easier to be out and about with the kids in the summer in the warmth and with a lack of snow gear.  So we did.  Parks, story hour at the library, city bus rides, the botanical gardens, frisbee golf and all.  We spent plenty of time at home with the garden, chickens and fun we have but I do feel we took Fairbanks on this summer and fully enjoyed it all.

Continue working towards being debt free.  This has been a long road but we are getting closer to the end each month, don't give up hope!
We did this folks.  As I look back on 2013 this is our biggest accomplishment for sure.  How thankful I am.

Do more family outings.
Yes, I would say we accomplished this for sure.  Not only with bigger trips like Michigan, Denali, Valdez, and Portland but also more small trips around town.  Hiking, picnics, parks and more.  It might be silly but we actually made a deal this summer to play a little bit as a family at least once a week.  For so many years we have worked, worked, worked on the house that it was good for us to remember that we needed to enjoy this life, intentionally if that is what it was going to take.  As we look back on 2013 this was one of the best things of all that we did.

Move Abigail to a twin bed and Ethan into the nursery sometime this year (imagining a lot of sleepless nights as a result of these two goals but I need to do it regardless)
Yes we did this and it turned out pretty great.  Abigail ended up in a toddler bed instead of a twin bed but in her words, "I am just a little girl, Mama." and the toddler bed fits her prefect.

Take the time, and be creative, to go on more dates with Josh
I would say yes and no to this one.  We had up and down points of the year where this was more frequent than others.  I can say that we are ending 2013 stronger than we started and for 7 1/2 years of marriage, that feels good.

Help Josh harvest wood this summer for preparation for next winter (this can not be considered a date).
Nope.  We did get a load of wood and Josh did an amazing job working on getting it all cut and stacked but I actually did very little.  The whole two kids, one of which couldn't walk but wanted to crawl, was a big part of it.  I did help some but not as much as in the past.  Many thanks goes to Josh for his endless hours of tackling this task so we are warm in the winter.

Work with Josh at keeping us health and in shape so we can enjoy life (this could be date material).
Yes and no on this one.  A third pregnancy has crippled us a little.  I did need to read this one though because there is still more we could do.  Focus needs to be a better goal for me here.

Oh 2013 what a year it was!!  


Melissa said...

Debt free! Congratulations! And happy new year!

heath said...

oh my friend...i hope you can see the HUGE accomplishments and success you have had in 2013!! sometimes it's so easy to remember all the yuck, but I'm here to remind you that you SURPASSED many of your goals...and you've done way more with your family than most Fairbanksians (sp?) I proud of you ;)

Anonymous said...

You did really good at meeting a lot of these goals! Good job!

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